Powerful Features for Modern Businesses

Boxtweet provides you with 360° Route Optimization solution and unique features for modern business

Tracking & Analytics

BoxTweet provides real time monitoring of dispatch drivers and assigned consignments.

All data collected provide analytics such as busiest days/months, shortest/longest delivery times, costly expenses, customers' geographical distribution, least/most active customers and dispatch riders.

Real-time Status Updates

Clients can know in real time where their shipments are located and their status in the delivery chain.

We also provide flexibility to customize the type of data to be collected at every delivery phase.

Vehicle and Expense management

With our vehicle management module, clients can add and assign vehicles to respective drivers.

Our expense management module helps keep track of maintenance activities and other logistics expenses incurred.

Proof Of Delivery

All pickup/delivery details including names, locations, signatures are stored automatically and available in real-time.

We also provide the flexibility to add/customize data collection form during each phase of the delivery process.

Customer Management Module

Customers are essential part of our clients' businesses and we have added this feature to help build intelligence around customers.

With this tool, clients can make smart data-driven business decisions based on their customers' order histories and geographical distributions.

Smart Offline Technology

Our mobile app works during temporary internet downtime and updates once internet connectivity is available.

Clients can also set up their accounts to automatically send new task via sms notification to dispatch riders in such case where network is unavailable.